The “fresh” movement in mixology is about creating cocktails with vitality and sun-drenched exuberance. We feature scores of drinks on this site that pair our shelf-stable mixes with seasonal fruit or savory herbs and spices. We call it “Finest Call Fresh” and it’s a classic win-win.

Today bar chefs are regularly incorporating muddling into their creative master plan. Beyond its theatrical appeal, the technique is a marvelous way of instilling cocktails with fresh succulent flavor. The enduring popularity of Old Fashioneds and Mojitos can largely be credited to the process. Muddling is just another example of an overnight sensation over a century in the making.

Essentially muddling does for a cocktail what high definition does for television. In both instances the result is crisper, more brilliant and ultimately yields a more pleasurable experience. The drinks prepared with Finest Call mixes and muddled ingredients are a slice above the rest, typically possessing supple, satiny-textured bodies, generous bouquets and palates imbued with enticing, tree-ripened flavors.

Equally beneficial is that the technique effectively expands what products can be incorporated into drink making, a nearly endless selection of ingredients ranging from ginger, cucumbers and peppers, to basil, mint and every type of fresh fruit imaginable. Factor in how it enhances production value and you’ll begin to appreciate why muddling has become a significant beverage trend.

While seemingly no more involved than smashing the daylights out of defenseless fruit, muddling does require a modicum of technique. For example, when muddling citrus, there are some drinks in which it would be best to only lightly muddle the fruit so as not to release too much of the pith’s bitterness. Other drinks, especially those calling for added sugar, can better tolerate the bitter component so enthusiastic muddling is encouraged.

For best results, outfit your bar with two different styles of muddlers. The first is the standard, 7 to 9-inch wooden pestle with a diameter of roughly 3⁄4-inch, which is suitable for light duty. The other type of muddler beneficial behind the bar originated in South America. It is considerably longer, wider and heftier, ostensibly to better pulverize lime wedges in such drinks as the Caipirinha and Caipiroshka.

Seasonality is another operational factor. Odd as it may sound, making drinks with fresh fruit has its limitations. During the off-seasons, many whole fruit such as limes, pears and mangos have little character and contribute hardly any aroma or flavor to a cocktail, a significant shortcoming when it comes to drink making.

Created to deliver a concentrated blast of fresh fruit flavor, Finest Call purees are made entirely with premium varieties of fruit sourced from preeminent growing regions. Exacting specifications are maintained throughout the process to ensure uncompromised quality and that the fruit is at peak ripeness.

Having done nature one better, our shelf-stable products allow you to deliver on the promise of fresh without interruption. Unfortunately, fresh fruit isn’t always up to the assignment.