The word “classic” often conjures images of a dust-covered relic languishing in the attic or the basement of a museum. Not so for cocktails. In this instance, classic status has little to do with the passage of time. Instead the distinction is afforded only to those drinks whose appeal appears to be timeless. Such is the case with the Cosmopolitan, which from all indications will be as popular a century from now as they are today. —RP


• DIFFICULTY OF PREPARATION: 4.6 OUT OF 10 — The little preparation involved making a Cosmopolitan is neither difficult nor time-consuming. They’re typically served in one of two ways. The traditional method is handshaking the drink with ice and serving it straight in a chilled cocktail glass. The other approach is to serve the drink on the rocks, in which case the ingredients are hand-shaken and strained it into iced tumbler. That’s it.

[Scale 1– 10: A drink with a value of 5.0 or lower means it can easily be prepared in one’s sleep, while a rating closer to 10 indicates that it takes several days to prepare and requires an advanced degree.]

• UP-SELLING POTENTIAL: 9.7 OUT OF 10 — The Cosmopolitan is an ideal example of a cocktail with tremendous up-sell potential. First and foremost there’s the fact that the better the vodka, the better cocktail. Secondly, boosting sales of premium brands makes good business sense. They command higher prices and yield bigger margins.

Indeed, committing premium vodka to a Cosmopiltan isn’t sacrilege it's creative genius.  When setting out to devise a top-shelf Cosmo, choose a recipe with a minimum of ingredients that may obscure the enhanced quality of the vodka. Also, to best accentuate the spirit, the cocktail should be served straight up rather than on the rocks.

In addition to enhancing the quality of the vodka, you can also upgrade the modifier from triple sec to either Cointreau or Grand Marnier. Both are orange-flavored liqueurs with proven track records for performing brilliantly in Cosmopolitans.

Between its voda base and orange liqueur modifier, the Cosmo is an up-sell tour de force.

[Scale 1– 10: A drink with an up-selling potential of 5.0 or higher means it’s a financial thoroughbred, a cocktail tailor-made for top-shelf spirits. A cocktail rating below 5 signifies a drink in which the brand of spirits used are of secondary importance compared to the overall effect looking to be achieved.]

• ALCOHOL POTENCY: A Cosmopolitan served straight up is more potent than one served on the rocks. Shaking the drink with ice adds some water into the mix, yet the resulting cocktail is still a relatively potent 1-part alcohol to 2-parts mix (1:2).  When served on the rocks, the ratio changes to a milder 1-part alcohol to 3-parts mix (1:3).

[As a general rule, 1 1/4-ounces of distilled spirits is equal in alcohol to 4-ounces of wine and 10-ounces of beer.]

• PORTIONING CONSIDERATIONS — Most Cosmopolitans are typically prepared using two parts alcohol (vodka and triple sec) to one part mix. More specifically, vodka portions usually range from 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 ounces, while most recipes call for 1/2 to 3/4 ounces of triple sec. When setting out to devise a Cosmo masterpiece, it’s a good idea beginning with equal parts of alcohol to mix. From there making the drink stronger or more citrusy involves little more than a minor tweak to the recipe.

• SEASONAL ORIENTATION AND TRADE PERIOD — Cosmopolitans are as promotable in May and June as they are in fall or during the holidays. That does presume that the sipping is taking place indoors. Cosmos aren’t necessarily the outdoor type. As a classic cocktail, Cosmopolitans are best promoted before and during dinner. They’re perfect aperitifs—light-bodied and vivacious. By the time dinner winds down, guests’ thoughts tend to lean toward more robust postprandial concoctions.

• GLASSWARE OPTIONS — Cosmopolitans served straight up require a cocktail glass with a minimum of five-ounces in capacity. There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes from which to choose, so pick a style that best epitomizes the cocktail’s personality. Serving the same cocktail on the rocks requires a glass with a minimum capacity of ten-ounces. Here again, there are numerous styles of tumblers and specialty glasses designed for iced cocktails. Choose the one that best showcases your efforts.

• ALCOHOL-FREE OPTIONS: 5.4 OUT OF 10 — An enticing alcohol-free cocktail is only moments away with a bottle of Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix on-hand. Its singularly delicious blend of fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and natural orange flavor marries beautifully with ice cream, fruit purees or various types of tropical juices. It also pairs well with flavored syrups and many of the other prominent drink mixes in the Finest Call portfolio.

[Scale: The rating of 5.4 out of 10 indicates that alcohol-free variations of drinks are plentiful and easily crafted with Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix.]


All other things being equal, what distinguishes one Cosmopolitan from another is the quality and vivaciousness of the mix used in preparing them. You can make these drinks using the same brand of vodka and the one prepared with a premium mix will clearly outshine the other.

At Finest Call, we’ve developed a range of products designed to help your inner bartender shake up some Cosmopolitan magic behind the bar.

• FINEST CALL COSMOPOLITAN MIX — This premium mix makes entertaining your guests with cold and crisp Cosmopolitans a snap. Our popular drink mix is a skillfully balanced blend of fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and natural orange flavor. All you need do is add in some vodka, shake with ice and serve. If it were any easier you might feel cheated out of the sense of accomplishment.

The following recipes prove our contention that Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix is one of the great advancements of the 21st Century.

Berry Cosmopolitan


Cosmo Rita

Fun in the Sun Cosmopolitan

Midnight Melon Cosmopolitan

Passionate Cosmopolitan

Peachy Cosmopolitan

Ruby Cosmopolitan

Sicilian Cosmopolitan

Tropics of Cosmopolitan

• FINEST CALL FRUIT PUREES — Our purees deliver a concentrated blast of fresh fruit flavor and help create cocktails with vitality and sun-drenched exuberance. Having done nature one better, Finest Call shelf-stable fruit purees allow you to fully deliver on the promise of fresh without the attendant hassles. Our unbeatable range of purees includes Raspberry, Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Peach and Passion Fruit.

Two of the Cosmopolitan recipes feature Finest Call Fruit Purees—the PASSIONATE COSMOPOLITAN (Passion Fruit) and the PEACHY COSMOPOLITAN (Peach).

• FINEST CALL DRINK MIXES — A franchise player in the cocktail culture, Finest Call Lime Sour Mix is a zesty mix with brilliant citrusy notes and the sublime taste of fresh lime juice. Its puckery tartness lends the perfect touch to the FUN IN THE SUN COSMOPOLITAN.

The Finest Call Sweet & Sour Mix an all-natural blend of lemon, orange and lime extracts. Sweeteners are added to throttle back some of the citrus exuberance, resulting in a delectably flavorful drink mix. Our Olympic-class Margarita mix is made with premium lemons and oranges with prominent orange notes on the finish. It’s perfect for hosts with a lot to do and little time to do it.

The following Cosmopolitans feature an added splash of sour mix.

Cosmo Rita (Margarita Mix)

Fun in the Sun Cosmopolitan (Lime Sour Mix)

Peachy Cosmopolitan (Sweet & Sour Mix)

Tropics of Cosmopolitan (Sweet & Sour Mix)

• FINEST CALL FLAVORED SYRUPS — Sometimes a splash or two of flavor is all that’s necessary to propel a drink into the extraordinary range. To that end, we’ve created a line of flavored syrups developed specifically for use in cocktails, including the following prominent drinks:

Berry Cosmopolitan (Huckleberry Syrup)

Ruby Cosmopolitan (Pomegranate Syrup)

Sicilian Cosmopolitan (Orgeat Syrup)

Tropics of Cosmopolitan (Cherry Syrup)

• FINEST CALL TRIPLE SEC AND BLUE CURAÇAO — Triple Sec’s role in a Cosmopolitan is to add body, a touch of sweetness and an orange aroma and flavor to the drink. Finest Call Triple Sec accomplishes that and more. Additional benefits are it contains no alcohol and carries a small price tag.

• Finest Call Blue Curaçao tastes and smells almost identical to the Triple Sec. Both have delightful, semi-sweet orange characters. Yet the Curaçao brings something singularly compelling to the table that Triple Sec can’t muster—color.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to create some Cosmo magic, consider the following recipes.

Midnight Melon Cosmopolitan (Blue Curaçao)

Tropics of Cosmopolitan (Triple Sec)


Creating a world-class Cosmopolitan is cause for celebration. Success depends entirely on achieving balance. Add a touch too much sweetness and the drink will be cloying. Back off on the sweetener and you’ll have an acidic, bitter mess.

FINEST CALL LIME JUICE, FINEST CALL SWEET & SOUR AND FINEST CALL LIME SOUR MIX are surgically balanced, light-bodied and loaded with tangy, vibrant flavors. Most importantly, they’re up for the challenge of the taste test. Just add the tequila, a modifier or two and it should be a smooth, interesting journey from there.

If you have an urge to improve on perfection and have access to some fabulously luscious fruit—be they limes, lemons or oranges—go ahead and squeeze the juice into our sour mixes. They’ll be all that much better for it and give your Gimlets, Kamikazes and Lemon Drops a leg up on the competition.

A few tips about juicing citrus. Room temperature fresh fruit yields more juice than those straight from the walk-in cooler. Make sure to not allow the bitter white pith of the zest from getting into the juice. While pulp in orange or grapefruit juice is a cache of quality, lime and lemon juice needs to be strained before use. Fresh lime juice needs to be refrigerated and won’t keep much more than 24 hours before needing to be discarded.

Another popular way to inject your Cosmopolitans with more pizzazz is to muddle in fresh seasonal fruit or savory herbs and spices. Drinks prepared with Finest Call mixes and muddled ingredients are a slice above the rest, typically possessing supple, satiny-textured bodies, generous bouquets and palates imbued with enticing, tree-ripened flavors.

Beyond its theatrical appeal, muddling is an effective way to infuse your cocktails with flavors such as ginger, cucumbers and peppers to basil, mint and every type of fresh fruit imaginable. Factor in how muddling enhances the drink’s production value and you’ll begin to appreciate why muddling has become a significant beverage trend.


Sex in the City only confirmed what veteran lounge lizards already knew that when it comes to cocktails the one these days to be seen with is the Cosmopolitan. The sleek concoction burst onto the scene in the early 1990s and has been a franchise player ever since.

Using the Kamikaze as the creative role model, the Cosmopolitan is constructed with citrus-infused vodka, Cointreau, lime juice and a splash of cranberry juice. It’s then stirred, strained into the coldest, most elegant cocktail glass handy and presented with an ample wedge of fresh lime. Voila, the Kamikaze is transformed into a Cosmopolitan.

A well-crafted Cosmo is universally appealing and a thing of joy. They’re accommodating and versatile, a swell cocktail to showcase at your next soiree.

• THE FOUNDATION — While the Cosmopolitan can be made with many different light spirits, the cocktail reached celebrity status on the back of Absolut Citron, a vibrant, citrus-infused spirit that gave the drink added character and flavor dimension.

Preparing a Cosmopolitan with a brand of neutral vodka often results in a flat and disappointing cocktail. With that one possible exception, nearly all other light spirits with discernible taste can be featured in a Cosmopolitan. In addition there are boatloads of new flavored vodkas and rums with which to experiment with.

Illustrations abound. We featured several creative variations of this theme, such as the BERRY COSMOPOLITAN, which is made with raspberry flavored vodka, and the COSMO RITA, a delicious cocktail prepared with silver tequila.

ORANGE KEYSTONE — Cosmopolitans are typically prepared with triple sec, a role especially well suited for Finest Call Triple Sec. A great triple sec is endowed with a true-to-fruit orange flavor, smooth medium-weight body and clean and crisp finish. Anything less and you should consider making a change. If you’re looking at add a little drama to the cocktail, Finest Call Blue Curaçao is a popular choice because of its brilliant orange flavor and almost incandescent blue color.

Several other super-premium liqueurs are often featured in Cosmopolitans. Grand Marnier is a classic French liqueur made by macerating bitter Haitian oranges peels in Fine Champagne cognac. It has a brandy and luscious orange flavor. The preeminent Curaçao (Triple Sec) is Cointreau. The liqueur contributes greatly to the cocktail’s bouquet and flavor, but will leave the color of the cocktail unaffected.

LIQUEUR MODIFIERS — Take your Cosmopolitan to the next level by splashing in a liqueur or two. Creative variations include the COSMO RITA, which features Grand Marnier, the limoncello-laced FUN IN THE SUN COSMOPOLITAN and the MIDNIGHT MELON COSMOPOLITAN, which gets its namesake melon flavor from Midori.

• THE FOURTH DIMENSION — How a fruit that grows in bogs can be so delicious is an imponderable. Nevertheless, the plucky cranberry has certainly got itself a steady gig in the Cosmopolitan. Its light body, tart, crisp flavor and unmistakable reddish hue make a natural ingredient for modifying cocktails.

Even within the Fourth Dimension there are creative options available to you. Looking to create a Cosmopolitan without its trademark reddish hue? Prepare the cocktail using white cranberry juice. Or pair the cranberry with a splash of a complementary juice, such as orange, grapefruit, blood orange, grape, pomegranate, or a pomegranate blend. If you’re the adventuresome type, replace the cranberry altogether with pomegranate or blood orange juice.

COSMOPOLITAN POSTSCRIPT — The garnish on the Cosmopolitan is a generous piece of fresh lime cut into a wedge. The wedge shape facilitates guests squeezing the lime juice into their cocktails. Cosmopolitans can also be embellished with long orange peel spirals, slices or wheels. Have fun and finish off the cocktail with pizzazz.



Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ½ oz. Premium Citrus Vodka

2 ½ oz. Finest Call Premium Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wedge garnish



Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ½ oz. Premium Raspberry Flavored Vodka

¾ oz. Chambord

¾ oz. Finest Call Huckleberry Syrup

2 ½ oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wedge and berries garnish


Salt rimmed cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ½ oz. Premium Silver Tequila

¾ oz. Grand Marnier

¾ oz. Finest Call Margarita Mix

2 oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wedge garnish


Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 oz. Premium Vodka

1 oz. Limoncello

¾ oz. Finest Call Lime Sour Mix

2 ½ oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wedge garnish


Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ¾ oz. Citrus Vodka

1 oz. Finest Call Blue Curaçao

¾ oz. Midori

2 ½ oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wedge garnish


Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ¾ oz. Vodka

1 oz. Finest Call Passion Fruit Puree

2 oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wheel garnish


Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ½ oz. Premium Peach Flavored Vodka

1 oz. Finest Call Peach Puree

¾ oz. Finest Call Sweet & Sour

2 oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Peach slice garnish


Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ½ oz. Premium Citrus Vodka

½ oz. Finest Call Agave Nectar

½ oz. Finest Call Pomegranate Syrup

2 oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wedge garnish


Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ¾ oz. Premium Citrus Vodka

¾ oz. Disaronno Amaretto

½ oz. Finest Call Orgeat Syrup

2 ½ oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wedge garnish


Cocktail glass, chilled

Pour into an iced mixing glass

1 ½ oz. Premium Citrus Rum

½ oz. Finest Call Triple Sec

½ oz. Finest Call Cherry Syrup

1 oz. Finest Call Sweet & Sour

2 oz. Finest Call Cosmopolitan Mix

Shake and strain

Lime wedge garnish

Difficulty of